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We Should All Be Making Whatsapp Calls Instead Of Regular Phone Calls (Here’s Why)

Just a random thought!! Why can’t we all just switch to making WhatsApp calls as against the regular calls we do.

I think it’ll be more cost-efficient for everyone to switch to internet calls.

They are less expensive and for the most part more stable than regular phone calls.

Internet calls of 30 minutes cost less than N50, while video calls of the same length cost less than N100.

Regular phone calls cost twice as much. For N100 you might not think much about it but instead of spending N1k you are spending N2k and instead of N10k recharge, you are spending N20k on average.

Internet calls not only is cheaper but will solve the problem of double recharge.

Nowadays, we spend more to buy data. After that, we still recharge for regular airtime to use for phone calls.

Internet calls cut that cost by almost 90%.

I think it’s better if we can adopt this as a trend and use regular phone calls for emergencies.

What Do You Think?

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