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WAHALA!! How The Current Trend of Stingy Men & Stingy Women Association Will Affect Us All (A MUST READ)

Now that average men have decided to be stingy on women, the other gender has also decided to padlock their pu$$y

This has made people with intelligence to analysis both areas. What woman can offer and what man can offer has been revealed.

A Facebook user known as Adaaku Peter has given a clear explanation on this issue below.

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Stingy Men and Stingy Women Associations

Is it not funny how the definition of a stingy man is one who doesn’t give money while the definition of a stingy woman is one who doesn’t give sex?

If I am wrong with the recent trend on #SMAN and #SWAN, please correct me.

The men came up with their logo of a closed hand(s) while the women also came up with their logo of a closed leg(s).

We laugh over these things, but the truth is told, when you look at the bigger picture, the implications are alarming.

The way our human minds are wired which society adopts is that what you can give defines the value you can contribute and the values you can contribute define your worth.

It is like saying, a man’s worth is in the size of his pocket while a woman’s worth is in the size of her socket. (If you understand what I mean.)

It is this sort of distinction of pocket and socket that fuels rape and cheating.

Since what a woman is able to give is sex, she is defined solely on that basis. And as such, what you can take from her that is worth taking is sex. And if you are dating her and she refused giving sex, you are meant to do anything to get it, after that, you can dump her. . . And fellow men will cheer at your “bravery”.

On the other hand, since what a man is able to give is money, he is defined solely on that basis. And as such, dating a man that doesn’t have money is dating a useless man. And if he has money, the woman is meant to “chop” and suck him dry, after that, she can dump him. . . and her fellow women will cheer at her “smartness”.

It is this sort of distinction of pocket and socket that fuels unnecessary tension in the family.

The man tells the woman he married to sit at home as a housewife and dump her certificate. After all, why he married her is for the socket to charge up his phone until it discharges.

On the other hand, the woman does not see the need of spending her money on even her own children. Even when the woman may earn more than the man, the woman does not see the family needs as her responsibility. And some women have even chosen not to work, after all, it is the man’s responsibility to charge them up with the money.

Friends, I understand the essence of the trend on stinginess which is largely for fun. . . But you see, to define stinginess on the basis of pocket – for the man, and socket – for the woman, make a mess of every advocacy of equality, of the fight against rape, on human dignity that most of us have been advocating on this space.

Please end this pocket-socket trend!

What Is Your Say On This Issue?

Men or Women – Who Do You Think This Stingness Will Affect The More?

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