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‘The World Is Obsessed With Sex’: Catholic Priest Speaks On #SilhouetteChallenge

A Nigerian Catholic Missionary priest, Rev. Fr. Kelvin Ugwu has condemned the viral TikTok’s #Silhouette Challenge which he described as “immoral, pornographic” and those partaking in it “porn stars in the making”. The cleric took to his Facebook page on Thursday, January 29, to write about how the world is …

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Horror As Robbers Force Businessman And His Wife To Have Sex All Night While Recording Them

The suspects forced Moyo and his wife to be intimate while they recorded a video before spraying them with an irritant substance. A business man and his wife were reportedly forced to have s3x all night after robbers broke into their home. Prosecutor Munyonga Kuvarega alleged that the suspects broke …

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HAVE YOU NOTICED? People SÉX Mostly On Sundays (A HOLY DAY) More Than Every Other Week Days -WHY!

Have you noticed that Sunday is the most popular day of the week to have sex? Azin people fvck mostly on Sundays more than every other week days. In fact as I’m talking to you, some people somewhere, are fvcking right now. On a holy day?🙄😏 Sunday is the most fuckery day on Earth. But the Bible said …

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